Hepatitis C testing

Image Courtesy: http://www.wort.lu/

Testing for hepatitis C should form part of the investigation of patients with
unexplained abnormal liver function tests, or with unexplained jaundice.

Groups to whom hepatitis C testing should be offered
■ People who have ever injected drugs in the past
■ People who are currently injecting drug users
■ People who have received transfused blood
■ Those with a previous diagnosis of non-A, non-B hepatitis if not already tested
■ Babies born to mothers known to be infected with HCV
■ Children of mothers found to be infected with HCV
■ Regular sexual partners of patients infected with HCV
■ Health care workers accidentally exposed to blood where there is a risk of
transmission of HCV
■ Anyone who has received medical or dental treatment in countries where
HCV is common and infection control may be poor (this will include blood
transfusions and blood products where donations are not screened for HCV)
■ People who have had tattoos, body piercing and other forms of skin
piercing where infection control procedures are poor

Source: nhs.uk

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