Myths and facts of hepatitis B

Myth: Eating contaminated food and water can cause hepatitis B

Fact: Hepatitis A and E spread through contaminated food and water and not hepatitis B.

Myth: Hepatitis B is hereditary

Fact: Hepatitis B cannot be inherited. But a pregnant woman with hepatitis B can pass on the virus to her baby during childbirth.

Myth: Jaundice means you have contacted hepatitis B

Fact: Jaundice is a symptom, which includes yellowing of skin, eyes and urine. Many people with hepatitis B do not show any signs. Only blood tests can help confirm the presence of the infection.

Myth: If you are infected with hepatitis B virus, it may develop into hepatitis A or C in the long run

Fact: Each type of hepatitis is caused by a different virus. Hepatitis B cannot turn into any other type of hepatitis. However, people with hepatitis B can be at a risk of becoming infected with one of the other hepatitis viruses.

Myth: Hepatitis B vaccine can protect you from other types of hepatitis

Fact: The hepatitis B vaccine is effective only against hepatitis B virus and not other types.

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